Published February 5th 2015

The «Osterfjord» sweater

A collaborative project commissioned by Ætt, the Osterfjord sweater brings together three unique manufacturers in and around the Osterfjord region of Western Norway for a limited series of thick-knit fisherman sweaters.

Ætt Erling Bag knitwear Norlender Borge tannery Norway Osterfjord 1889

Once rich in textile manufacturers, leather tanneries and wool spinners, the Osterfjord region on the west coast of Norway still holds a few secret gems; wool spinners Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, band weaver Svein Bruvik and knitwear producers Norlender uphold a tradition that dates back centuries. To honour this tradition, Ætt initiated a collaborative project bringing the three together to create the «Osterfjord Fisherman Sweater». Manufactured in its entirety in and around the Osterfjord region, the sweater was launched with Ætt’s first pop-up in Bergen and has since made a comeback for Christmas season 2014.

The sweater features a softer version of the traditional Norwegian Fisherman sweater wool, using the wool from the Norwegian breed Pelssau, a unique soft wool spun by Hillesvåg. Knit in the way of the original fisherman sweaters, Norlender knitwear on Osterøy Island ensures that the sweater’s interlocking weaving prevents hooks from ripping open threads from the sweater. The sweaters sizing tags are woven by Svein Bruvik Bandveveri og his soon 100-year old jacquard weaving loom.

Ætt’s take on the original fisherman sweater features our interpretation on the original pattern, knit in two colourways.

The sweater is currently sold out.